What real value does satire have? It’s just these fanciful liberals trying-and failing-to look clever. And I thought satire was supposed to be funny–ever read 1984? I wasn’t laughing at all. Or do you think the death of freedom is funny, Mr. Orwell? This is classic liberal behavior: creating subversive, untrue material to confuse and divide their enemies.

They love to use this novel 1984 to undermine President Trump’s authority. Well, news flash liberals, it’s 2017, not 1984. What possible parallels could you draw between the two? That President Trump is “suppressing” the media and manipulating information to sound more favorable to him? Pure hogwash. President Trump is just shielding us from the lies of the mainstream media and ensuring that we get real information, like how Barack Obama is running a shadow government from within the Trump administration. He has our best interests at heart. Could that be any different from Orwell’s dystopian vision.

The snowflakes think we’ve created our own language, like the “newspeak” created by the government in 1984. How could they be any more wrong? This is our only method of resistance from the fake news that the mainstream media is shoving down our throats. The liberals think they own language and can define things like “truth” and “facts.” Think of Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts.” Why can’t we have alternative words? The English language doesn’t have the capacity to express our thoughts and ideas, so why shouldn’t we change it? And besides, when has language ever actually impacted politics? Even Mr. Orwell concedes this point in his famous essay, “Politics and How It Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With the English Language.” The liberal establishment thinks it can control our thoughts with their made-up concepts of “truth” and “facts” and “reality.”

So now we have thoroughly debunked this idea of satire. Their most famous example fails in its comparison to Mr. Trump. Let me be clear, however–satire is still incredibly dangerous. It’s how the liberals spread their subversive lies, trying to turn us against our rightful leader. Their only goal is to divide and weaken us. So we must rally now–rally behind President Trump. True loyalty means the willingness to say that black is white, to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears when President Trump demands it. He is our leader, and you can trust that he has your best interests at heart. Listen to him. Ignore all else. Ignorance is strength.


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