We’ve long understood the connection between liberalism and evil. However, the depths to which they will sink in order to cover up their devilry have yet to be plumbed. This so-called “scandal” about the Trump administration communicating with the Russian government and possibly compromising the security of 3oo million Americans is nothing but a red herring. The liberals think we are dumb enough to be distracted with bright lights and shiny things, but they are wrong. Hillary Clinton and her lizard henchmen fabricated every last scrap of “evidence” about this Russia connection, going so far as to construct a time machine to go back in time and impersonate Trump officials speaking to high-ranking Russian officials. But what purpose does this distraction serve?

Her time machine revealed the future to her–an unacceptable one in which she lost the election. So what is a corrupt lizard-person prop to do? Go back in time and somehow prevent Trump from winning the election? No, that would have torn the very fabric of time and space.

She decides to call in upper management. No, not Barack Obama. Not Vermin Supreme. Not even ninth-circle-of-Hell demon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She went all the way to the top.

The Antichrist.

Yes, you might have thought Hillary Clinton herself was evil incarnate. Very astute, but not quite correct. Mrs. Clinton is merely a high-ranking demon from the eighth circle of Hell.

The liberals cleverly constructed this “Russia” story to cover for Mrs. Clinton as she burned effigies of Milo Yiannopolis, Donald Trump and John Wayne in order to summon her master.

We have little time before Mrs. Clinton completes the required virgin sacrifice and brings evil without end into this world. What will you do, America? It’s time to rally behind our president and use the power of Christ to reject these unholy abominations from our country. The fate of freedom rests upon it.


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