Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately we should have seen this one coming. The liberals don’t want to let go of the chokehold they’ve had us in for the past eight years. They can’t accept that Shillary Clinton and her filthy lizard henchmen lost the election, despite their attempts at rigging the election through voter fraud involving millions of paid professionals, human skin-suits, and lots of trips to the DMV to obtain fake identification. So who could they turn to? Clinton? Elizabeth Warren? Vermin Supreme? Bugs Bunny (a known liberal indoctrination expert)? The reanimated corpse of Franklin Roosevelt? Bernie Sanders? That one guy from that one movie? Nancy “I’m definitely not a lizard person” Pelosi?

No. The answer was right under our noses the entire time.

Barack Obama.

We all know Mr. Obama was deeply dissatisfied at being removed from office and being forced to go on tropical vacations and do not-fun things like surfing.


Does this look like the face of a man who is enjoying himself?

We know that he would much rather be in the Oval Office, dealing with an uncooperative Congress, getting three hours of sleep a night, and commanding the government’s secret army of Nazi zombies on the moon.

Do you really believe that President Trump’s first weeks in office were so disastrous because of gross incompetence, narcissism, and lack of productive communication? Of course not. It was Barack Obama casting evil magic that he learned from his childhood in Kenya. We’ve had multiple reports of Mr. Obama using illegal magic from our viewers. On Hillary Clinton’s request for revenge, he used this black magic to create discord and confusion in the Trump administration that had definitely not been there before.


Barack Obama conducting a Satanic ritual

How much will you tolerate, America? This man using magic to disrupt our newly and fairly elected government from the shadows? How long until we have a government free of corruption, magic, lizard people and liberals? Should we sit idly by while this takes place?



(Just to be clear, my point is that we shouldn’t sit idly by. Definitely go out and do stuff, okay?)


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